Welcome to The Pen Buddy

I’d like to introduce you to the one ‘n’ only “Buddy” who’s a very cheeky characterised trademarked pen.
He’s my logo, my passion and my lucky charm.
Pen Buddy’s are a personalised planner diary, handmade from scratch, from start to finish by me – Louise, a mum of 3 & wife based in Cumbria, UK.
I am dyslexic, (which we all find very amusing on social media) but I don’t let this bring down what I simply LOVE doing… and if you spot a spelling/grammar mistake around my website.. enjoy the giggle. 😉  

So, anyway.. I make my own Inserts, which are endless amounts of fun as you can add as much or as little as you like with refills available bespoke & generic.. (annnd don’t worry, these are all checked before printing!).
With opening rings that bind Pen Buddy’s, means you can move the inserts around inside to suit your needs.
You could have a bespoke Pen Buddy made for any particular use you need it for: whether its Notebooks, phone number logs, full organisers, jokey gifts with personalised titles of your imagination, business, wedding, baby, teacher planning, journals.. and more.
I keep my prices as low as possible to give you fantastic value for money whilst using high quality products and stock.. not forgetting the workmanship involved to really make your Pen Buddy special – No mass producing here.. only love, care and imperfect edges allowed!!

I use gorgeous Die-Cut papers and card stock in many patterns, colours and textures, some limited edition papers shipped in from the USA to really bring fun to your stationery.. with the ability to be able to change it for a different look, without buying a whole new diary – and it’s sooo addictive! 

Diaries come with a laminated personalised front cover with your name- i.e. ‘Louise’s Pen Buddy’, making your diary personal and unique to YOU, Or you can choose from a variety of different covers or maybe you have something else in mind.. perhaps a family photo..? so, no two Pen Buddy’s are completely the same.. isn’t that special. 😉 

I offer Pen Buddy’s in A6 and A5. But I am happy to make A4 upon request.
On top of all that, I am adding to my range regularly with revamped inserts, and more!

NEW THIS YEAR: I launched my new hardback Vent Book Journals, which are on FIRE right now!! My biggest selling product to date, I am super proud and excited about these.. for Adults or pre/Teens.. check them out HERE!
These are also available as PDF to schools (only) which are a fantastic support tool/homework project for children who are needing a bit of extra support.

PLUS: Buddy has an exclusive Facebook group for you to join the family, where you can share your doodles, ideas, and make friends.. and be the first to grab any bargains.

Thank you, I am so glad you found me.. enjoy checking out my shop.
If you have any questions, please feel free to find me on social media where I am often hanging out whilst working behind the scenes 😉

And if you are still reading up to now.. I love you already!

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