A5 My Vent Book | File & Insert


The Pen Buddy printed insert version punched and placed inside a coloured faux leather file case.
Matching First cover page to your file.

* Options to re-fill any section you use more of.
Endless using without having to buy a whole new book each time.

Journaling is proven to be a great pressure releasing valve and increase well-being. This can also improve mood, lower blood pressure and maybe even help with fewer stress – related doctor visits!

My Vent Books are structured venting journals to offload your overthinking mind and help get a better nights sleep. After writing down your busy brain and mind dump it into your book to unwind and relax more.. you can build a better daily resilience and become more aware of yourself and your emotions/feelings.

No one even needs to know.. keep your book hidden and safe out of view from anyone else.. you can keep it, burn it, shred it or do whatever you like when its finished.. maybe reflect back from how you started and finished it, to see your self progress.

Pre/TEEN hardback version also available for school age children 9+



Also available as Hardback Journal

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