CV Writing Service


Do you need a new or updated CV?

Don’t know where to start or how to write one?

I am now offering a new CV service.. check out more details below.



I am now offering a brand new service for CV writing.

After a very successful history in helping friends and family..  I am now expanding my services to the public for a testing period.

You will be provided with 20x printed copies, PNG file and printable PDF file to enable you to load onto Job searching systems and sites, give hard copies to potential employers and pictures for your mobile/desktop to upload anywhere you need too.

Delivery of printed paper copies is included within the price.

You can order and update your CV anytime and order more copies for a printing & posting cost.

The price of this service is subject to change after the testing period.

Your CV will be kept on file for 2years from the date of last purchase.

You will be contacted via Email to gather information, which will extend over serval emails as your CV progresses. This may take 1-2weeks to complete.

You will have the opportunity to check and proof before final draft is checked and files/prints are sent officially via email.

GDPR is upheld at all times. No 3rd party is involved in any point of data collection. The Pen Buddy only has access to emails and data collect solely for purpose of CV writing.