Tab Stickers


1 x Sticker Tabs Card
Easy Peel and moveable.


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  • Inch sticky file tabs, 80 stickers per card: 4 colours per card, each colour with 20 stickers
  • Writable tabs: BOPP material, non-toxic and no odor, recommended write by ballpoint pen
  • Tabs will vary from: 4 designs in solid colours, stripe, polka dot, colour line,
    9 colours including: red, yellow, rose, green, blue, light blue, light green, orange, purple.
  • Card will come with a double sided adhesive strip on the back to be able to stick to a page marker, or anywhere you find handy.
  • Just peel off the strip cover to reveal the tacky side and press down on the surface you wish to place the card.
    Please note, this is a permanent tack and will cause residue when removing.