Our Special Story


How we became a family

A detailed journal to take you through the process of a new kinship or special guardianship order assessment process and transition plan, for you to document every step of the way.

From the viability assessment to journaling the first 12 months of becoming a new forever family.
All about you
How our journey started
When we first met
The process
Our journey
The day you came home
Your forever family
Identity / Family tree’s
First year together
Month view planner for your team visits and meetings
Things I am proud of
Notes & Stories

A5 Hardback wire bound.
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I designed this book as I was going through the SGO and Connected persons assessment process myself, when I stepped up to become a forever family to our niece.

Knowing and understanding the process, I have worked hard to produce a journal to document the application, transition of the child coming home and then the following 12 months of bonding and becoming the new forever family, With notes and stories to add to photos and details for your journey together.

I have used the terms “Mummy and Daddy” as the roles played by the care givers. But I am working on these being more generic to cover more family situation, as every family is individual. This is also adaptive throughout the journal for opportunity to explain roles and relationships.

This book can be passed onto the child when they grow up as a keepsake of your story.. which gives the child a full sense of identity and inclusion, which is one of the important roles you play in this process.

These have been approved by my own fostering team & local authority based in Cumbria, and I would love nothing more than to be able to support new families going through these challenging and emotional times!

I am also currently working on 2 new journals:
1. follow-on journal for children already in their forever homes, or to continue on your story through the years you have together.

2. A support journal for the process directly and how/what to prepare for and how to help the process be as understanding as possible.

**These are all directed at FAMILY/Connected persons fostering and SGO. Not mainstream fostering.